The Writing Bee

Because all kids love writing stories!

A Global event
that starts right in your classroom!

Writing Bee Qualifying Rounds take place in individual classrooms around the world. Classroom-based winners and top vote-getters qualify for the Writing Bee Finals and a chance to become The Writing Bee Champion!

The Writing Bee will improve Your Students' Learning by Providing:

Standards-based Writing Practice

While creating their story, students will strengthen their use of effective techniques, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.

Personalized Writing Feedback

Providing students individualized feedback on their own work is the most appropriate and effective approach to teach writing.

Online Testing Preparation

It's never too soon to prepare students for the online testing environment where they'll be expected to produce their best writing.

Transferable Writing Skills

Storywriting offers a plethora of transferable writing skills that will boost their ability in both fiction and non-fiction writing assignments.

D Wilson
The Writing Bee was the most valuable writing experience I have had with my class in many years. My students were fully engaged - they collaborated, edited, imagined, improved, and happily worked for many hours on their chapter writing. My students improved their writing skills and also learned that they love writing. Invaluable lessons.


Camino Elementary School, Camino, California USA

The Writing Bee Competition

The Writing Bee kicks off in schools with students participating in district or school-based Qualifying sessions. Students who qualify move on to the Finals with a chance to be crowned The Writing Bee Champion.

Writing Bee Competition Process

1. Kick Off

Students read the Writing Bee's original story start before independently writing their version of the next chapter. Teachers have the option to provide feedback and request revisions before approving each student's work.

2. Qualifying Rounds

Students read the anonymous submissions of their peers in small batches and vote for their favorites. A winning piece is identified to serve as the story's middle chapter, and the process repeats to identify the final chapter.

3. Finals

Class chapter winners and top vote-getters qualify to compete in The Writing Bee Finals. Plus, all classroom Qualifying round participants are eligible to read and cast votes for their favorites throughout The Finals.

4. Winner

Writing Bee Finalists create a new story by submitting their work for review by students around the world. Only top vote-getters move on in this 'knockout style' event until the Writing Bee Champion is crowned!

The Writing Bee Will Return

The Writing Bee is taking a short break and will be back bigger and better then ever!

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