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Middle School
Writing Bee

For Grades 6 - 8

Jamal Joseph

American writer, filmmaker, poet, activist, educator, and member of The Black Panther Party

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Congratulations to The 2019
Middle School Champion:

Monika Ayvazyan (Armenia) Podium
Thanks to the support of Monika's teacher:
Nare Hovhannisyan

The Power of Spoken Word

Students worked independently combining Jamal Joseph's inspiration and guidance with their knowledge of rhythm, improvisation, rhymes, wordplay and slang to create original spoken word content.

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The Qualifiers

During the school year in classrooms around the world, students created and shared their spoken word content before voting for their favorites.

Section winners from each classroom became eligible to compete in The Writing Bee Finals.

The Finals

Consisting of a ‘knockout’ style format with only section winners and top-tier getters eligible to advance to subsequent rounds, The Finals opened voting globally to all Writing Bee participants to ultimately determine the contest winner!

Read the work of The Finals' section winners and our Champion below:

Section 1:
Theme 'Love'
Written by:

Monika A. (Armenia)
Section 2:
Theme 'Peace'
Written by:

Hannah B. (USA)
Section 3:
Theme 'Happiness'
Written by:

Monika A. (Armenia)
The 2019 Middle School Writing Bee Champion:
Monika A. (Armenia)

About Jamal Joseph

About author jj

About Jamal Joseph

Jamal is a Professor of Professional Practice, Film at Columbia University and is currently directing the adaptation of his memoir, Panther Baby (Algonquin Books) into a full length feature film.

In addition to being featured in countless television and print productions, Jamal is the author of Tupac, Legacy (Simon & Schuster). He has also written the script for a Broadway musical based on the life of Tupac Shakur. He is the founder and artistic director of IMPACT, a Harlem-based youth theatre company, and executive director of New Heritage Films, a not-for-profit organization that provides training and opportunities for minority filmmakers.


Coming Soon

The 2020
Writing Bee

Classroom-based qualifying sessions begin in early fall, so register now to ensure your students' participation in this year's Writing Bee!