The Writing Bee Competition

The Writing Bee kicks off in schools with students participating in district or school-based Qualifying sessions. Students who qualify move on to the Finals with a chance to be crowned The Writing Bee Champion.

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1. Kick Off

Jeff Kinney provides an original first chapter to serve as the starting point for each competition's unique story. Students then independently write what they believe should happen next.

2. Qualifying

Participants then read the anonymous submissions of their peers and cast votes for their favorites. The winning submission becomes the next chapter, and the process continues until the story is completed.

3. Finals

Qualifying session chapter winners and top vote-getters are eligible to participate in The Writing Bee Finals, during which all Qualifying Session participants can cast votes for their favorites one chapter at a time.

4. Winner

Only chapter winners and top vote-getters move on to subsequent rounds in the Finals, with the winner of the last chapter being crowned The Writing Bee Champion!

The end result of each Qualifying event as well as The Finals, is an original story to be published that will include the names of all participating students!

The Writing Bee is powered by Bw splat

The Writing Bee employs BoomWriter’s unique content generation platform that allows students to compete and collaborate online as they:

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The Story Start

Works bullet write

What Happens Next

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Their Chapters with Peers

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For Those They Like the Most

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Until the Story is Complete

Step 1: School/District Qualifying Sessions

Each School/District Level Writing Bee Qualifying Session consisted of three chapters of writing, sharing and voting that took place sometime between January and April.

At the start of the first round, participating fourth and/or fifth grade students went on to BoomWriter to read the story start ‘The New Kid’, a compelling original first chapter of a story written by Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and best-selling author Jeff Kinney. After reading the story start, students independently wrote their own version of the next chapter before submitting their work to the teacher. Teachers reviewed each student’s writing and had the option of providing personalized feedback and instruction.

Upon completion of the writing phase, students then reviewed the anonymous submissions of their peers and cast votes for their favorites. A winning submission was selected as the winning chapter, and the process continued until the story was completed.

Each participating student wrote three chapters over the course of the event and remained eligible to win each round. Upon completion of the event, the story was published as a paperback book containing the names of all participating students!

Jeff cohen

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Step 2: Writing Bee Finals

Chapter winners and the top vote-getters from the School/District Qualifying Sessions are eligible to compete in The Writing Bee Finals, which begin June 4.

Throughout the Finals’ three rounds of writing, sharing and voting, all School/District Qualifying Sessions participants can read and cast votes for their favorite submissions while also cheering on their peers who remain eligible to compete.

The chapter winner and top vote-getters from each round move on, and the author of the competition's final chapter will become The 2018 Writing Bee Champion!

Milton public schools

Proven Results - The 2017 Writing Bee

The Writing Bee launched by BoomWriter in 2017 with over 700 participating 4th & 5th grade Milton (MA) Public Schools students collaborating to write a follow up story to the classic 80s movie, The Goonies. The story's first chapter was penned by Jeff Cohen, who starred in the film in the role of ‘Chunk’ and joined all of the Milton students at the story’s book publishing celebration.

The event’s impact on the Milton students’ writing skills was expressed clearly by the results of the Writing Bee Teacher Survey.

Each student will write a total of three chapters over the course of three weeks, with top level vote-getters anonymously moving on to the next round and maintaining eligibility to win as the event progresses.

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